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Hubert screen design - checks & tests

Checks and Tests

Testing screening key components

When necessary, Hubert is able to test their key water screening components, applied for water intake systems, to demonstrate that it can achieve the required performance parameters based on the various load conditions that the equipment will be expected to encounter during its working life.

Below you can find some examples of possible tests.

Hubert screen design - checks & tests

Performance Test

Simulation of spray water cleaning system in operation

The filter mesh panels, of a drum screen ( wich is part of a water intake system) are dimensioned according to the size of the screening installation and therefore depend on, among others, water flow and water levels. The captured debris that deposits on the panels is removed with high pressure spray water nozzles and collected in a special facility that removes the debris. The functionality of a proposed spray water installation design, can be simulated and proven by Hubert in real time in case of given contamination degree and rotation speed.

Hubert screen design - checks & tests

Structural Test (1)

Dynamic pressure (metal fatigue) on filter mesh

Filter mesh panels are an essential part of a drum screen ( part of a water intake system). The mesh panels will be fitted to the circumference of the slowly rotating drum screens. Water enters from the side and flows through the panels filtering through the mesh. Other flow directions are possible. The debris collected in the mesh is then cleaned using a spray water system (waterjets).

The test examines potential deformation by applying a number of pressure cycles to the mesh to determine whether the mesh will withstand service at its maximum design pressure. Several mesh panels can be tested on request of our client at various pressure cycles. The number of movements (amplitude caused by water pressure + spray pipe) corresponding to the design values simulate the requested lifetime. Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (LVDT’s) continuously capture displacement measurements at various positions on the mesh whilst also recording pressure and temperature measurements.

The tests can be eentually witnessed by representatives from our clients. For example, we have implemented these tests for nuclear power plant projects in France, with our customer REEL/EDF present. They assess the structural strength of the proposed mesh panels to be used for the (vertical) drum screen, being a key part of the cooling water intake screening system, used to cool both the electricity generating steam-cycle and the nuclear reactor services.

Hubert screen design - checks & tests

Structural Test (2)

(Static) water column on filter mesh

Another example of a structural test is a water pressure test. The purpose of this test is to check the screen design by checking whether the theoretically calculated water pressure is actually achieved. We simulate this by building up a water column equal to the permissible water pressure on a completely blocked screen segment.

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