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Service and After Sales

Keeping your water treatment machinery operational!

Service of water treatment machinery like water intake systems or waste water treatment thickeners, clarifier and surface aerators is the daily work of Hubert. Our Service and After Sales division proves its importance by keeping Hubert installations operational anywhere in the world. We also provide service to water treatment machinery supplied by third parties.  

Founded in 1880, the large amount of projects that Hubert has carried out over the years has resulted in a huge installed base of equipment. Many of these are still in operation! We supply parts but also provide optimization and renovation of your existing equipment.

Below you will find a brief explanation of what our service organization can do for you. Visit also our pages Case Studies and Downloads.

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Malfunction and Repairs, 24 hours a day

Our breakdown service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our team assists in resolving malfunctions and together with your first-line local service organization, we try to find a solution as quickly as possible. Newer generation machines may be able to diagnose remotely.

If necessary, we can have a qualified technician on site relatively quickly.

Call Hubert : +31(0)514 684 444 or service phone no. +31(0)6 201 386 84
E: sales at hubert.nl

Hubert service and after sales division

Spare and Wear Parts

We supply spare parts for equipment made after 1950!

We distribute a complete range of spare and wear parts for all machinery that have been delivered anywhere in the world. Thanks to our well maintained archives we can still manufacture and supply spare parts for equipment made after 1950, manufactured by: Hubert Sneek, Esmil Hubert, Stork, Vivendi and US Filter.

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Technical Support and Training

Technical support and training on site worldwide!

If we do not take care of the installation of our equipment ourselves, our supervisors will assist your local technical team during this work.

Our service technicians and engineers provide technical support and training on site worldwide. We can train your operators to keep your machinery up and running. This requires the right knowledge! This can be a basic explanation or a made-up program especially for your type of machines. We are happy to talk to you!

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Optimization and Retrofits

Extend service life at the lowest operating costs!

If your installation does not function optimally, this may result in an non-optimal production process. Optimization leads to better control of your machinery and lower cost.

Optimization of your installation can possibly be combined with a renovation, but can also be carried out separately.

A number of typical components can play a major role in renovations. These are parts that have been subject to wear and tear through years of intensive use that replacement or overhaul is necessary. You can think of rollers, frame construction, bearings, chains, pumps and gearboxes and of course the hydraulics / pneumatics and controls of an installation.

Small-scale renovation and optimization can be carried out by our Service and After Sales division. In this case it involves renovating or updating existing components. If there are complete machines or systems including controls, we can deploy a project team.

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Rental of (floating) surface aerators

Hubair™ rental aerators with or without floating device

In order to fulfil the growing demand of temporary aeration installations, Hubert offers the possibility to rent floating surface aerators, with or without the floating construction. Please contact us for more information.

Hubert rental areator

Customer Stories

Project: Replacement of gutter and clearing bridge settling tank at WWTP Birdaard

The elaboration of the drawings with accompanying calculations in the preparation phase were well worked out. The construction of the new gutter and bridge was installed satisfactorily by employees and especially the foreman. The project was completed on time, both financially and in the delivery of product certificates and revision. A great project and end result was achieved through synergy between client and contractor.

Wetterskip Fryslan, Netherlands, mr. R.T. van der Zee, Design coordinator - Director

In-house design, engineering and manufacturing!

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