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About Hubert

Hubert facilities

At a Glance

Major player on the global markets for water treatment equipment

Over decades, our engineered products and technical expertise have enabled Hubert to become a major player on the global markets for water treatment equipment. We focus on high quality equipment with a long service life. In order to assure quality, we design, engineer and manufacture our equipment in-house. Learn more about our markets & applications.

Joint future

From November 2023 Hubert Stavoren BV,  Landustrie and DeSah BV  will continue together from Sneek at Landustrie’s facility in Sneek, located at Pieter Zeemanstraat 6.

Hubert case study Yanbu II

Hubert’s Divisions

Divisional structure

We recognize a divisional structure, logically based on our product groups:

  • Proces Water Intake Screens focussing on water intake & filtration
  • Waste Water Treatment Products, specialized in cleaning of wastewater
  • High-Spec Steel Assemblies, specialized in complex (welded) steel parts
  • Service and After Sales, supporting the Hubert installed base and third party machinery

More information about our divisions can be found here.

Hubert - facilities

Hubert’s History

Founded in 1880

Hubert, also called Hubert Stavoren BV, founded in 1880, has almost 150 years experience in design and engineering, manufacturing, installation and service of equipment for water purification and water intake. Over the years we gained an extensive number of satisfied customers and project references all over the world. Our equipment is a crucial part of major production facilities in many industries and usually continuous in operation. Our machinery has to operate efficiently and reliably in extreme enviroments and (weather) conditions.

History timeline

Since 2003 Hubert has been part of the Harlingen Holding Group. Over the years, hubert has been part of following international organizations:

2003  Harlingen Holding Group
1999   Vivendi Water
1998   US Filter Group
1990   Troy Environ Group
1972   Esmil International Group
1880   Hubert Founded

Hubert quay Stavoren loading-unloading

Ideal Manufacturing Location

Quay for seagoing vessels and a railway connection

The accessibility of our factory in Stavoren (The Netherlands) is an important asset, which includes the company’s quay for seagoing vessels and a railway connection. This ideal location enables Hubert to move and ship equipment as heavy as 250 tons without difficulties.

In order to manufacture and assemble the Hubert equipment, Hubert owns a well-equipped manufacturing facility with a total floor space of 7.000 m2 and (internal) crane capacity of 40 tons.

Hubert harbour facilities

Quality Assurance

ISO certified for more than 25 years!

Hubert is certified according to:

  • Quality Management ISO 9001:2015
  • Factory Production Control as per DIN EN 1090-2 (EXC2)*
  • Safety Management VCA** SCC-SHE
  • ISO 3834 part 2 Certificate – EWF Welding Quality Man. Scheme (DOC. EWF 636 – Part 1)
  • ISO 3834 part 2 Certificate – IIW Manufacturer Cert. Scheme
  • Achilles Joint Qualification System – Oil Industry

Our design, manufacturing and installation is done according to the procedures of our quality management system. Major qualification certificates can be found here: Downloads.

*DIN EN 1090-2 (EXC2): Execution class 2 comprises all supporting structures made of steel up to strength class S700 and structural components made of aluminium alloys).

Hubert Quality System
Hubert - horizontal drum screen

Safety Management

Safety comes first!

Hubert is certified according to safety Management system SCC (VCA) by KIWA since June 2000.  This means that the safety management system employed by Hubert complies with the Safety Checklist Contractors in the area of:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Erection
  • Start-up and commissioning

Major qualification certificates can be found here: Downloads.

Hubert Stavoren high spec steel structure

Welding and Construction Codes

International recognized notified bodies

We collaborate with international recognized notified bodies. The products we manufacture must always comply with internationally recognized quality standards. Hubert has a wide experience with following standards:

  • Our welders are qualified acc. EN 9606-1/ASME IX/AWS D1.1
  • We have welding procedures qualifications acc. EN 15614/ASME IX/AWS D1.1
  • In addition, we have welding qualifications for various metals

We work together with notified bodies like German TUV, Lloyds, Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, ABS, etc.

Customer Stories

Project: Replacement of gutter and clearing bridge settling tank at WWTP Birdaard

The elaboration of the drawings with accompanying calculations in the preparation phase were well worked out. The construction of the new gutter and bridge was installed satisfactorily by employees and especially the foreman. The project was completed on time, both financially and in the delivery of product certificates and revision. A great project and end result was achieved through synergy between client and contractor.

Wetterskip Fryslan, Netherlands, mr. R.T. van der Zee, Design coordinator - Director

In-house design, engineering and manufacturing!

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