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Markets and Applications

Hubert case study Kurskaya power plant

Our Markets

Water treatment equipment

 Over decades, our engineered products and technical expertise have enabled Hubert to become a major player on the global markets for water treatment equipment. More specifically:


  • Water Intake Sytems : solutions used for mechanically clean water extracted from the sea, rivers or lakes. This screened water is used as cooling, process and potable water in multiple industries.
Hubert microscreen


Machinery and complete systems

Over the years, Hubert has built up a great reputation in supplying water intake systems. Hubert supplies design build and tailor-made (engineered) automated screening machines and complete systems. This equipment finds its application in:

  • Power generation (conventional and nuclear power plants, hydro electric power stations)
  • Oil refining and chemical production process
  • Desalination processes (seawater abstraction pumping stations)
  • Potable water production
  • Fire fighting chanels
  • Irrigation offtakes
  • Drainage chanels
  • Industrial sites that consume a lot of (process) water

In addition, Hubert supplies high quality machinery or sub-installations for the treatment of wastewater. Applications can be found in:

  • Industrial waste water treatment plants
  • Municipal waste water treatment plants

You will find our projects in both new construction (engineering, procurement and construction – EPC) projects and renovation and optimization of existing plants.

Hubert rake system

Our clients

Leading global customers

Our clients are (multinational) end-users, (EPC) contractors, and companies in the public sector. Often we are in contact with local service providers for the delivery of parts. See also References and Case Studies

Hubert shipment of microscreens

Hubert’s Divisions

We recognize 4 divisions

The products we supply are closely related to our divisional structure:

Water Intake Systems (proces water intake and filtration)

Hubert is specialized in water intake systems for cooling, drinking and process water. Applications can be found in major public facilities, supplying utilities like drinking water and electricity, and industries requiring screened (process) water.

Within process water applications Hubert supplies a wide range of strainers for (micro) filtration that are intended for a large capacity.

Waste Water Treatment  (cleaning of wastewater)

Hubert supplies high quality  installations and sub-installations applied in municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants. Clients range from water boards and authorities in the public sector to multinationals in various industries.

Service and After Sales (support and retrofits of Hubert installed base)

Our service technicians and engineers provide technical support on site worldwide. We maintain and repair water treatment machinery, supplied by Hubert or third parties. We distribute a complete range of spare and wear parts that have been delivered anywhere over the world. We also update, retrofit and optimize your existing water treatment and water intake equipment.

High-Spec Steel Assemblies (complex (welded) steel parts)

The High-Spec Steel Assemblies division forms a separate branch within Hubert. The knowledge of designing and manufacturing large high-end steel machines and production facilities available within Hubert, enable us to produce complex steel and stainless steel products where technical specifications (like weldings) meet high quality standards. Applications can be found in for example the offshore and heavy machinery.

Customer Stories

Project: Replacement of gutter and clearing bridge settling tank at WWTP Birdaard

The elaboration of the drawings with accompanying calculations in the preparation phase were well worked out. The construction of the new gutter and bridge was installed satisfactorily by employees and especially the foreman. The project was completed on time, both financially and in the delivery of product certificates and revision. A great project and end result was achieved through synergy between client and contractor.

Wetterskip Fryslan, Netherlands, mr. R.T. van der Zee, Design coordinator - Director

In-house design, engineering and manufacturing!

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