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Design and Engineering

Combining theory, practical knowledge and testing

Hubert likes to participate in development processes where our many years of experience as a (in-house) machine builder, our large installed base and our knowledge of the operation of our machines in the field can be of great added value.

We can advise and guide you in the (mechanical) design of your filter installation. Each installation is custom made and manufactured, using standard machines or components from the standard Hubert delivery program if possible. With this we try to achieve an economically possible solution.

You will find our  R & D contribution also in renovation and optimization projects. of existing water intakes. Adjusting or renewing matters in an existing plant requires an extremely careful approach.

Naturally, these processes are always subject to confidentiality. We would like to talk to you to discuss your project!

Hubert is a member of Water Alliance and Envaqua.

Hubert - mobile test facillities

Mobile Test Facilities

Our contribution to your screening challenge

Our screening systems are often the result of theory and practical knowledge in combination with testing.

Your specific process knowledge, whether or not in collaboration with knowledge institutes and our practical experience plus the possibility of practical testing on location, makes it possible to reach adequate conclusions.

Hubert has mobile test facilities that we can deploy on site and, where necessary, adapt to your project requirements. We can simulate your process in practice to test possible filter configurations.


In-house design, engineering and manufacturing!

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