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Case Study

EDF/ REEL International

Flammanville Nuclear Power Plant 1 & 2


Project introduction

Hubert was awarded the contract for EDF’s nuclear powerplant Flamanville 1 & 2 in France for replacement of screening drums via the collaboration with partner Reel International, known from their extensive experience in nuclear projects. Vertical drum screens are part of the seawater intake filtration system. Hubert was responsible for ensuring that the specification was met for all deliveries in subcontracting. This project is a technical outstanding performance and consolidates & strengthens Hubert’s position in this market segment.

Hubert case study EDF REEL Flamanville

Sea Water Intake Flamanville

This movie shows the renovation of a drum screen applied for a seawater intake

This movie gives an impression of a vertical drum screen during assembly used for the Flamanville 1 & 2 project.

Hubert water intake drum screen
Hubert case study EDF REEL Flamanville
Hubert dumscreen axis

Hubert Supply

This overhaul project included the replacement of the screening drum (also called drum screen), which is designed to remove all unwanted parts of the feed water used for cooling. The drum screen has an overall weight of 165T and has a diameter of 22m, ensuring the fine filtration of seawater upstream of the cold water intake pumps that supply the engine room cooling circuit.

The drum screen was assembled and tested on site in France, after which it was built into the system of the plant.
This new drum screen starts up for a little over eighteen months of non-stop operation and represents one of the major equipment important for the Flamanville’s reactor safe running. The on-site water tests have completed this extraordinary project of five years.
Hubert took also care of the renovation of the spray system, walkways and all maintenance platforms.

Our very first project discussions started with EDF and Reel International in 2013. In 2018, the first screen was successfully installed. More screening drums will be replaced in the coming period.

This movie includes an animation of a  typical water intake, showing the water flow from the suction from the sea to the arrival at the pumps. This involves a pre-filtration (coarse screen) and a fine filtration (drum screen).

Key Figures

  • Location: France
  • Hubert products: vertical drumscreen
  • Materials: duplex
  • Year: 2013-2020

Hubert: in-house design, engineering and manufacturing!

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