Pilot Project “Cellulose Abstraction” from waste water!

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Hubert nearly completed the Pilot Project “Cellulose Abstraction” from wastewater!

At the Waste Water Pilot Plant of  “Wetterskip Frylan” in Leeuwarden the removal of floating particles from influent waste water is nearly coming to an end.

In the past view months Hubert successfully experimented with her Rotating Microscreen in order to abstract cellulose (residue of wastewater paper) from influent waste water.  The results are more than promising, in terms of capacity and wash water requirements. Considering  the limited screening capacity of the used Pilot filter these results are beyond expectations!

Currently we are evaluating the test results and the lab reports in order to get a clear overview of the opportunities that this Pilot Project is offering us. The combination of a compact and reliable installation, together with the relatively large screening capacity of the Hubert Micro Screen, are giving us the possibility to supply our existing and future customers with an effective and reliable solution for cleaning influent waste water.